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Toys from the Past

Give your child (or grandchild!) a gift from the past with these retro inspired toys. While new toys can do cool things, nothing beats the old toys from our childhood days.

The Viewfinder - The big bonus with this particular one from IMAGE3D is that you can create personalized reels from your own photos! What a special gift to give.

Lite-Brite - Personal favorite of 6-year-old me. This is defiantly a gift I will be getting for my daughter when she gets a bit older!

Classic Stretch Armstrong - Nothing creates team work more than seeing how far Armstrong can stretch (just don't let go!).

Spirograph - The perfect gift for anyone who enjoys drawing, coloring and crafts. What a great way to inspire the imagination with this fun and easy set.

Pac-Man - Wow, get your very own Full Size Arcade Pac Man Machine for your own home! (or break room at work!).

Fashion Plates - I have my old one to this date and can still spend hours playing with it!

Classic Pedal Car - Includes vintage fire truck detailing, bell, and removable ladders for extra playtime fun.

Classic Radio Flyer Tricycle - Everyone's first set of wheels.



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