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Vintage Inspired Tea and Coffee Serving Set

Cozy, elegant, curl up with a book while drinking coffee or tea.... so many feelings come to mind with these beautiful vintage inspired tea set pieces.

On a personal note, I purchased the mug set and dessert plates for my Grandmother on her 85th birthday. She was raised in the depression era and never indulges in anything extra, but her one little vice is loving these style mugs as they are beautiful and elegant. She absolutely loves the set of mugs and plates and enjoys that bit of specialness it brings as she enjoys a morning cup of coffee with breakfast.

Beautiful Bone China Porcelain Rose Chintz with 10 Carat Gold Trim, Coffee Mug Set from the Rose Garden Collection at Brew To A Tea Store.

The Rose Garden Collection also has the matching dessert plates to go with the mug set.

Coffee and cookies please!

If you're a lover of elegant vintage, then this is your cup of tea! Literally! Also part of the Rose Garden Collection the teacups come with the matching saucers.

The last piece of the Rose Garden Collection is the elegant teapot. Stayed curled up with your book and pour another cup!

Polish off your vintage tea/coffee set with these beautiful flower shaped dessert spoons in a rose gold.

Whistling Tea Kettle from the Deeoutlife Store. This retro inspired kettle has all the bells and whistles with the beautiful vintage vibe.

And to add in an extra, these Vintage Royal Style Metal Carved Fruit Dessert Spoons are just gorgeous and needed to be mentioned. I will be on the lookout to find matching tea/coffee set for these pieces so stay tuned!



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