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Vintage Style Dresses

Are you searching for that perfect dress for your Pear-shaped form? You know, the one that is classy, timeless and fits your curves just right?

In today’s sea of modern dresses made with cellulose hugging fabric and are also always a few inches too short, these Vintage inspired dresses stand the test of time and fashion.

Now before you look at the smooth pencil skirt styles included below and think “it won’t hide anything!”, think again! The lovely embellishments at the top of the dresses pull the eyes up while the hip hugging pencil style gives a classic figure that is close to an hourglass shape. Shapewear undergarments also help to smooth out life’s bumps (wink).

I have personally worn each item listed and love how they fit and wear. I am a classic pear shape; 5’6”, 160 lb. mom (with a mommy pooch including!) A few family pictures with me wearing my favorite dresses that are listed below are included at the bottom of the page for you to view. I hope you are inspired and find your perfect dress (or dresses)!

Gorgeous and Classic 1950s Vintage Inspired Mermaid Dress from Muxxn.

The detailed top embellishments draw the eyes up while the tapered waist and mermaid flare at the bottom highlights the natural narrower areas, helping to create a classic hourglass figure.

Purchase at

Classic Vintage Inspired Tie Crew Neck from Muxxn.

This dress offers simple lines and a lovely tie embellishment while the pleats accentuate the smaller part of the waist. Pair this dress with a stunning pair of earrings and a simple updo to create a polished look.

Elegant Pencil Dress with Puff Sleeve from Scarlet Darkness

This dress is pure sweetness from the ruched top to the lace edging. Pair with a simple pearl necklace for a stunning look.

Timeless Flounce Bell Sleeve, Pencil Dress from Woosunze.

This dress is a bit more modern but offers the classic features to make it elegant and timeless. With the longer sleeves this would make a great addition to your fall/winter wardrobe.

Purchase at

Vintage Inspired 1950s Sleeveless Ruched Pencil Sheath Dress from Belle Poque.

A stunning classic summer dress. The ruched waist is amazing for creating a slimmer waistline. Pair with a set of pearls to add to the classic look. Belle Poque is one of my favorite vintage inspired boutiques.

Vintage Boho Inspired Summer Dress from Prettygarden.

This boho style is the ultimate summer dress. Lightweight and flowy, it brings simple elegance from a garden party to a walk on the beach.

High Waist Pencil Skirt with Bow-Knot from Belle Poque

Simply elegant, the high waist of this skirt accentuates the narrow part of the waist while the bow-knot embellishment brings the eyes downward. This dress is perfect for the office.

Last but not least, the secret weapon of SHAPERX Shapewear. It is surprisingly comfortable, replaces the old-fashioned slip and keeps life's bumps smoothed down. Offered in black and beige colors.

Here are a few of my favorite family photos with yours's truly wearing some of my favorite dresses shown above.

This Boho dress brings sweet memories as I was only 6 weeks from having had my beautiful little girl, so this dress was perfect for my changing waistline (you know, too small for the maternity clothes, but nowhere near your regular clothing size).



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